Our Enchanting First Night at the Eastin Grand Hotel Phayathai

Arriving at the Eastin Grand Hotel Phayathai was the perfect conclusion to our first day in Bangkok. The check-in process was flawless, welcoming us into a stunning lobby adorned with natural white stone and marble. The modern design was complemented by exquisite crystal pendant chandeliers, creating an atmosphere of contemporary elegance.

The Unicorn Building

Housed within the iconic Unicorn Building, a towering skyscraper distinguished by its modern sculpture of a unicorn head that lights up at night, the hotel’s unique setting added a magical touch to our stay. This illuminated unicorn sculpture became a beacon for us, symbolizing the beginning of an unforgettable journey.

Luxurious Comfort

Our room was immaculate, equipped with every comfort and modern technology one could wish for. The convenience of the hotel’s smartphone app was particularly impressive, making it easy to manage all our needs with just a few taps. The bed was enormous, featuring incredibly comfortable pillows, a plush mattress, and a luxurious topper. The linens were soft, pristine, and offered the perfect embrace after a long day of travel.

A Breathtaking View

One of the highlights of our stay was the 22nd floor, home to an outdoor pool with a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. Watching the sunset from this vantage point was nothing short of spectacular. The same floor also hosted an exceptional restaurant, where we enjoyed a delightful meal while soaking in the mesmerizing nighttime skyline of Bangkok.

A Delightful Breakfast Experience

The next morning, we treated ourselves to a fantastic breakfast on the fifth floor. Although breakfast was not included in our stay, it was worth every penny. The breakfast area was designed to mimic a food truck experience, offering an array of culinary delights from sushi to fresh fruit juices, and from croissants to Danish pastries. The vegetarian options were plentiful, ensuring everyone could find something to enjoy. The quality, variety, and overall ambiance made for a delightful start to our day.

Impeccable Service

The staff at the Eastin Grand Hotel Phayathai were exceptionally kind and helpful. The concierge services were top-notch, providing us with excellent suggestions for exploring the city and efficiently arranging a taxi for our early morning departure to the airport. Their friendly demeanor and readiness to assist made us feel truly valued as guests.

Our Perfect Base

This hotel served as our perfect base for the first two days of our Bangkok adventure. Its convenient location in a vibrant area rich with nightlife and activities, coupled with its proximity to the Phayathai railway station, made it easy to get around. The abundance of taxis and tuk-tuks available right outside the station ensured we could explore the city with ease.

We found the Eastin Grand Hotel Phayathai so comfortable and enjoyable that we decided to return for our last night in Bangkok, twenty days later. Its welcoming atmosphere, excellent service, and luxurious amenities made it the ideal place to conclude our journey.

Highly Recommended

We wholeheartedly recommend the Eastin Grand Hotel Phayathai, especially for couples and business travelers. Its blend of modern luxury, convenience, and exceptional service ensures a memorable stay. We look forward to our next visit, confident that this hotel will once again provide a delightful and comfortable experience.

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